Keep That In Mind: How To Save Videos From Instagram DM?

The appearance of direct completely changed the initial concept of Instagram. Now, in addition to the shared feed that everyone can see, you can share personal photos or create a conversation on Instagram without switching between applications. But the question remains, how to save videos from Instagram DM without loss of quality?

How to save videos from Instagram DM?

If you want to upload files attached from the gallery, which were sent in personal correspondence, then there is nothing complicated: for this in the latest version of the application, you need to click on the dialogue on the photo or video and hold. In the window that appears, select “Save” and the download will begin.

However, often we want files that were previously placed in other accounts. In the application itself, due to copyright and user protection, the developers have not added a download button. But if you want, you can still save it. Let us dwell on these methods in more detail.

If you want to get a video on your phone you need to download the appropriate applications.

A method of operating such programs are similar and intuitive, regardless of whether you use Android or IOS. Firstly, you need to install the selected app from the Apple Store or Play Market. Through it, you will go to your Instagram account, and then you can download the selected. All uploaded photos and videos will be stored on your phone. You can also download a video from Instagram from your computer. If you do not know how to save videos from Instagram DM, let us practice:

  1. Go to the official website of the social network, find the video and open it;
  2. In any place of the opened page, open the menu to view the page code by right-clicking (you can also use Ctrl+U);
  3. Using search (Ctrl+F) find the extension "mp4»;
  4. The found line of code contains a link to the desired file, you need to copy it completely.
  5. Then insert it into the address bar of the browser, after opening a new tab. You will open a page where you can, if necessary, re-watch the video in direct Instagram and download it;
  6. To download a video, right-click on it and select save.

Thanks to the instructions we've described above, you can save various content from Direct Instagram.

Besides, if you promote your products and services on Instagram, be sure to use another opportunity of sending messages to Direct. With it, you can quickly inform existing customers about new arrivals, discounts, and promotions, changes in the schedule of offline stores. It is much more convenient and effective than to drive customers first to the site.

Why do you need mass mailing on Instagram?

With the help of mailing, you will perform some of the actions, which can increase your promotion on Instagram. Among them:

  • Welcome new followers. In the message, you can thank for following and give a link to some bonus — for example, an invitation to a private chat for your own or a promotional code for a discount on the first order. A welcome message in Direct will make new followers more loyal to the brand.
  • Tell about promotions and discounts. A message with the terms of the current promotions and discounts on your follower base. Such messages stimulate demand and motivate potential customers to buy.
  • Invite advertisers to cooperate. Mailing to opinion leaders (popular bloggers and media personalities on Instagram) with a proposal for cooperation. It can be set to a list of people you'd like to advertise with.

Before starting the mailing list, remember that the administration of Instagram can block the account for spam. To avoid this, follow the limits (up to 100 messages per day) and make each message unique.

Service selection criteria

Such services for Instagram can be multifunctional. For example, many have the function of massfollowing and massliking, built-in tools for gathering statistics, the delayed posts, etc. Often the more features, the higher the cost of a monthly subscription. If you only want to send messages to Direct, choose services that implement only this function.

The subscription price is also affected by the number of accounts that can be connected to the service.

Mailing strategies are the most important selection criteria. In some services, you can send only welcome messages, in others, in addition to the greeting, you can start mailing with different frequency and to any audience. Be sure to consider these features of the services before choosing.

Three main ways to send via Direct:

1. "Fresh" followers.

"The"fresh" follower should receive the message within 12-15 minutes after his following. Many people prefer to use the option to quickly greet "fresh" followers or offer individual goods or services.

2. Own followers.

Regular followers have a high level of loyalty and are always the first to respond to any offers. Always through the direct mailing it is possible to inform followers about the emergence of new services or products. Convenient and effective tool.

3. Individual mailing list.

Own mailing list allows you to interest and reaches a specific target audience. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the limits that are applied in the social network to send messages. The average number of messages per day is 144 pieces.

As a rule, the services take care of the security of accounts and automatically set pauses between messages and comply with the limits. At the same time, we must not forget about the limits of distribution. For 1 account per day, the following restrictions apply:

  • 70 messages to your followers;
  • 50 messages on other followers (competitors, lists, etc.)).

Final word

Using our instructions, you can discover the possibilities of direct from a new side. As you can see, there are many ways to save videos and pictures from Direct. You can choose anyone depending on whether you are going to save from your phone or computer and how important the image and video quality is in the future. Above all, you can use the capabilities of Instagram DM, which allows you to quickly and cost-effectively attract an audience to your account.